Liberation 2017


We wrote these songs; we composed them; we polished them; we recorded them; we mastered them; and we copyrighted them. They are our property we have a lot invested in, and if you try to steal them, we will come and hurt you, and then send lawyers after whatever is left.

1)Your Eyes

2. Light the Fuse and Run

3. Solstice Song

Note ALL guitars on this cd were recorded on the same amp, a 20 watt ‘Bootikit’ designed and hand wired by Bruce Egnater himself as the ‘make it look like this’ model at one of his amp building classes, outside Detroit. I was lucky enough to take one of these classes and build my own amp, which Moose uses on stage for his distorted sound.  Recordings were all through a checkered Marshall 1960 top cabinet with Green Back speakers.

4. Solid Rocket Booster

5. Road Trip

6 Goddess and the Sun King

7. Heartbroken

8. Genghis Khan

9. It Begins

10. Liberation of Desire   This is the song that begun it all, I wrote in 2001, after I left 3 Golden Apples of Chaos at the Vatican, as though they were bombs.

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