For Bob Wilson Fans

So some of my friends think the Seekrit Gummint is located at Yogaville, on the James River here in Vuginia. Others are sure that something sinister still stirs in the forbidden areas of the Homestead Resort. My own favorite pet theory is that the Hill underneath the Stonewall Jackson Farm off Rt 60 near Lexington is all hollowed out, and has its own Situation Room with all the screens, and everything, and it’s ruled over by former military officers still on the payroll of VMI (Vuginia Militry Institoot,) but not seen on campus in years.

Government, they reckon, is too important to leave to Show Horses.  It’s Armies that have Governments, and not the other way around.  There was an Army in America before there was a Congress, and the British came looking to destroy that Army, not to stop people having little meetings and issuing little Declarations.  That Army survived the British, and then frankly Replaced its government with something that’d see the Army, the Creditors, and the Arms Makers All Got Paid, and that has been the decisive strength of our enlightened System ever since.

It works Well.  What it lacks is any sort of long term plan. Or even short term plan, other than trying to make sure everyone gets Paid.  Maybe this is because our Founding Fathers were Business Men First, and did not want any ‘Vision’ interfering with Profit, or maybe it’s because the ‘Vision’ already existed, but in Secret.

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