Repost Action Communique 8-29-2015 Want to Get Rid of Trump?

[Repost Action Communique 8-29-2015]
Want to get rid of Trump?
1.Show up ANYTIME he will be in Public.
2.Laugh Out Loud from the time he appears to the time he disappears.
3.REFUSE to say Why.

What this will do:
1. A guy like Trump cannot stand to be ridiculed to his face. It will put him off his game right away, and it will be hard for him to make it stop without looking ridiculous, and maybe getting some more people laughing, at the video if not there and then.

2. Anytime he speaks the crowd will have to be screened for ‘those laughing people,’ and so the Protesters will have to get more and more clever at seeming like bona fide GOP Assholes.

3. Meanwhile at least some legit supporters will be unceremoniously turned away for looking too happy. Some may Complain. Protesters that get caught out can do this too. Great video, “They said I look too happy. I dunno. I look happy to you? Well I ain’t happy now. i done drove from Abilene with this here Check for Mr Trump, and his security people said I could not come in cuz I looked like I might laugh at him. What’s his problem anyway? If he can’t take a little laughing, what is he doing ruining for president?”

Why refuse to explain?
1. You start splaining, and you are just another player in the political game. You have an agenda. You are helping one candidate and hurting another. By NOT explaining, you make it a mystery. You invite everyone to have an opinion about who is doing this and what it means, and not simply whether they agree with your spiel. By not having a spiel, you invite them to imagine you agree with them, and find it all absurdly funny for the same reasons they do, now and again, when they lighten up.

2. The Story never loses interest, as long as someone shows up to laugh most times, and everyone gets to speculate anew each time about who and what and why.

3. Making the Story Not About Trump, and he won’t stand for that. But whatever he does, as long as you keep laughing, and keep the cameras rolling, just makes him look worse and worse.

Come to think, this would work on any pompous jackass in authority you don’t like, down to a teacher or a cop.

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